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The Maggiora Story

Mario Maggiora came from Asti, Italy in 1940 at just 15 years old, becoming the first in a long line of family members to begin what is now Maggiora Baking Company

Born into the business, Dennis Maggiora worked alonside his father Mario, from the age of 3. His family lived in the apartments above Toscana Bakery on 40th and Market in Oakland; and so Toscana Bakery became the first of many bakeries Mario and Dennis Maggiora would leave their footprints behind in.ToscanaTrucks.jpg

While getting acquainted with the bread business and after a degree with the American Institute of Baking; it was then Dennis decided to apprentice in Italy, where he learned the art of artisan bread making. When he returned, he bounced from bakery to bakery learning about the industry until he finally settled in with his father Mario, at Maggiora in 1985.

While Dennis was busy bread making, Mario saved to purchase half of the bakery's current location, and utilized the additional space as a bakery equipment supply warehouse. Initially distributing handmade frozen croissants, it only took a short amount of time before Dennis and Mario had a healthy product list of sourdough and artisan breads they delivered out of their station wagon.

The bakery's expansion in 1989 doubled the operations square footage along with its product and customer base. This would be Mario's greatest and final success as Mario passed away in 1994, leaving the family business to his son Dennis and his daughter Lisa. While living thBreadLine.jpge struggles and successes of owning and expanding a family bakery for the last 25 years, Dennis's children have joined the Maggiora Bakery team in hopes of continuing the tradition. In 1999 Dennis and Lisa bought the adjoing warehouse for another expansion; which again doubled the bakery's size and added a modern automated baking system, allowing over 300 products for the ever growing nubmer of customers. Maggiora Baking Company now employs nearly 100 people who all work hard to continue producing great products throughout the greater Bay Area.